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Wojciech Sobieski

Faculty of Technical Sciences, POLAND
"Analysis of spatial structure of porous media."
Lundi 17 février 2014 14h00

dans la grande salle du bâtiment E le Lundi 17 février

Wojciech Sobieski (professor at the UNIVERSITY OF WARMIA AND MAZURY IN OLSZTYN, The Faculty of Technical Sciences, POLAND)

Titre :
Analysis of spatial structure of porous media.

Résumé :

The presentation includes : a short introduction about issues related to the porous media ; information about the general form of basic laws ; the problem of determining needed coefficients for these laws ; the „Forchheimer Plot” method ; basic information about macro- and micro-scale approach in investigations of porous media ; the multi-scale approach - the main idea and its application ; algorithm of geometric tortuosity calculation (and other parameters) ; the PathFinder software ; the PathFinder project.